'20 Quin Bright WR

Committed: Tx Tech

'20 Donovan Johnson WR

Offers:ArizonaSt, Arkansas

Colorado Kansas,Howard

'20 Christian Sabatini TE

Louisiana Lafayette Signee

'20 Zavion Taylor WR

Offers: Cornell

'20 Kenneth Polk WR

Offers:East Central

'20 Dayton Toney WR

'20 Weaver WR

'21 Deamikkio Nathan WR
Offers:Utah Arizona TxTech,K-State,BYU,BowlingGreen,UCF

'21 Noah Smith WR

'21 Tylan Hines RB

Offers: Illinois St


'22 Armani Winfield WR

Offers: Alabama Florida Tennessee Georgia Tech TxTech,Arkansas,Kansas,Baylor,UNT




 '20 Marvin Mims WR

Oklahoma Signee

'20 Myles Price WR
Tx Tech Signee

'20 Chris Carpenter WR

Committed: Colorado

'20 Seth Meadors WR

 Airforce Signee


 '20 Cauren Lynch RB

Offers:Vanderbilt,Rutgers Virginia

BostonCollege,Illinois St ColoradoSt

'20 Dylan Robinson WR

Houston Signee

 '20 Luke Bridges Wr

Harvard Signee

'21 Jojo Earle WR

Offers:Texas,TxTech, TCU, Kansas

Michigan, Arizona St

 '21 Jadai King WR


 '21 Brady Kay RB

 '22 Emeka Megwa RB

Offers:Florida,Illinois,Baylor,Oklahoma OklahomaSt, Texas, TxA&M
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The Sky's the LIMIT Training



 Wide Receivers/ TE

'20 EJ Smith Ath

Stanford Signee

'20 Daniel Jackson WR

​Iowa St. Signee

'20 Keith Miller WR

​Colorado Signee

'20 Hayden Metcalf WR

Offers: Northern Colorado

'20 Kel Williams WR

Offer:McNeeseSt,Tx Southern,

'20 CJ Thompson

Committed: Yale

'20 Lucas Stratford WR

 '21 Majik Rector WR


'21 Jaren Bradley WR

Offer:Kansas,TxTech,Purdue,ArkansasColorado,Rutgers William&Mary 

'21 TE Kameron Allen

Offers:Missouri, UConn William&Mary

'21 Benen Hawkins

Offers:Kansas, TxTech, IllinoisSt

'22 Isaiah Broadway RB

Offers:Arkansas,Baylor,UNT,Illinois St